Welcome to the European Global Health Indicators Development Programme

This 90 minute programme has been designed to support the collection of the European Global Oral Health Indicators (EGOHID).

The programme is part of a wider project supported by the European Commission to provide quality, relevant and timely data, information and knowledge in order to support public health decision-making with regard to oral health at European, national, sub-national and local level.

EGOHID involves representatives from each European country in determining the indices that should be monitored to best assess oral health through Europe. At this stage of development of EGOHID implementation, the programme will help research into the most efficient form of dissemination and training to collect these standardised oral health indicators within the disparate formats of primary dental care across European member states.

For more information visit: http://www.egohid.eu

Downloading EGOHID Software (English)
If you are using a PC, click the 'Download' button. When prompted, save the file to your desktop or other location. Next, locate the file ‘setup.exe’ on your computer and double-click the file to run the programme. This will install an icon on your desktop and in ‘programs’. You will need a sound card and speakers as the programme contains audio narrative.

download button for EGOHD programme   Click here to download the zip version (English).
Publication date: 30 Novermber 2007
Downloading the EGOHID Software (French)

Click here to download the software for a PC.
To use the programme, unzip the file, extract the files then double-click on the loader file.

Click here to download the software for a MAC.
To use the programme, unpack the file then double click on the "F" icon.

screenshot of egohid programme screenshot of egohid programme